Call for Nominations for SNL Board of Directors

Each year, the Society for the Neurobiology of Language (SNL) solicits nominations for four councilor (board member) positions:

  • Chair-elect
  • Secretary-elect
  • Treasurer-elect
  • Program Committee Chair-elect

Duties associated with these positions can be found in the bylaws posted on the SNL website. Councilors are elected to three-year terms. During the three years of their tenure, councilors serve on the board, first as “councilor-elect,” then “councilor-current,” and finally “councilor-past.”

Send your nominations to 

SNL greatly values the input of our members. Please consider submitting a nomination for each position. For a list of current councilors go to:

The deadline for Nominations to the Board of Directors is end of day on September 12, 2017.