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Poster A70, Wednesday, November 8, 10:30 – 11:45 am, Harborview and Loch Raven Ballrooms

The Motor System's [Modest] Contribution to Speech Perception

Ryan Stokes1, Jonathan H. Venezia1, Gregory Hickok1;1University of California - Irvine

Recent evidence suggests that the motor system may have a facilitatory role in speech perception during noisy listening conditions. Studies have shown both a connected system and a causal role for motor involvement. However, in these studies evidence was collected at only one signal to noise ratio (SNR). If conditions must be noisy before motor involvement is necessary, then effects will be contingent on the SNR at which they are tested. We used articulatory suppression to occupy motor areas, and a phonemic discrimination task along a range of SNR’s. These data, along with passive listening controls, informed psychometric functions, which can be used to better understand the relationship the motor system has with perception. Such a relationship was found, but confined to a limited range of listening conditions. Our findings show that the steep slope of the functions generated exaggerate the minimal effect motor suppression has on perception.

Topic Area: Perception: Auditory

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