Friday, November 10, 8:30 – 9:30 am
Chesapeake Ballroom

Speaker: Edward Chang, Professor of Neurosurgery, UC San Francisco

Chair: Lorraine Tyler, University of Cambridge

Dr. Chang specializes in functional neurosurgery, with particular expertise in brain mapping for the safe treatment of refractory epilepsy, cranial nerve disorders, and brain tumors.  His research focuses on the discovery of higher-order neurological function in humans, such as speech and neuropsychiatric processing.

Dissecting the functional representations of human speech cortex

Our work seeks to understand the representations encoded by neural populations in the human speech cortex.  In this presentation, I will cover new discoveries on speech sound encoding in the superior temporal plane/gyrus for speech perception, and vocal tract movement encoding in the ventral sensorimotor cortex for speech production.  These findings advance new, highly-detailed models of functional organization (maps) of speech cortex, but more importantly, move us closer to an algorithmic understanding of speech-related cortical computations.