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Poster D64, Friday, August 17, 4:45 – 6:30 pm, Room 2000AB

The Effects of Short-term Literacy Training on Phonological Awareness

Brenda Guerrero1, Angelique M. Blackburn1;1Texas A&M International University, 2Texas A&M International University

The Effects of Short-term Literacy Training on Phonological Awareness Brenda L. Guerrero, Francisco Torres, Brenda L. Hernandez, Lily Gutierrez, Angelique M. Blackburn Department of Psychology & Communications, Texas A&M International University Our aim is to determine the influence of a short-term literacy training on phoneme and letter awareness. Long-term literacy interventions have shown increases in phonological awareness; however, many literacy events occur over the course of only a few days or even just a few hours. Based on an English literacy model, we designed and implemented a Spanish literacy assessment to measure changes in phonological and letter awareness, before and after a five-day literacy training for illiterate Spanish adults (n = 20) at the Laredo Immigration Detention Center. This is a center for detainees in the United States, where the primary spoken language is English; thus, the participants were Spanish speakers with heavy exposure to English. The training included interactive reading activities and focused on writing exercises that were specific to the participants’ identities. Our assessment included measures of phonological awareness, including rhyme awareness, letter identification, letter-sound knowledge, and phoneme awareness. Two versions of the assessment were designed and counterbalanced across participants such that no participant completed the same version for both the pre- and post-literacy assessment. Compared to the pre-test assessment, the literacy intervention significantly increased accuracy on the post-test assessment of phonological awareness by 6.0% (p < .01). Knowing whether a short-term literacy training increases language skills is critical for educators implementing short-term literacy programs to improve teaching methods.

Topic Area: Multilingualism