COVID-19 Updates

April 28, 2020
Dear SNL community,

I hope you continue to do well during these challenging times.

By now you might ask yourself what a realistic solution for the planned SNL 2020 meeting in Philadelphia may be. We want to assure you that we have actively gathered information to make the best possible decision in all our interest. We have talked to friends and colleagues how they experienced virtual meetings (e.g. CUNY) and closely monitor the activities of CNS and OHBM in their preparations for virtual meetings. As an international meeting, we remain foremost concerned about public health, your own sense of security, and imposed travel restrictions that may vary significantly between membership states also in the fall.

We are aware that you may be more unsure now about paying your membership, thinking about registering, submitting symposia and abstracts, but really want to encourage you to do so. For many of us, the society meeting has grown into one of the highlights of our academic year. We look forward to catching up with colleagues, meeting new people, and learning about the great science our members are doing. This year’s meeting will be different, but we hope to carry on the tradition in whatever form the meeting takes. Your participation in the scientific program either as a presenter or attendee is critical for longevity of the society.

As you noticed we have delayed submission of symposia by one more month and likely will also postpone the deadline for abstracts as well. We will get back with new information within the next few weeks.

We do appreciate your continued patience and understanding. Please stay tuned about our updates on the SNL webpage.

Stay safe and healthy,

Sonja A. Kotz
Chair, Society for the Neurobiology of Language.

March 22, 2020

Dear SNL Community,

I hope you are well in these unprecedented times. We are well aware that many members may feel unsure about how the fast spreading coronavirus and its unforeseen consequences will affect our planned SNL meeting in Philadelphia October 21-23, 2020. In addition, many countries have now imposed travel policies to slow the spread of the disease and protect their staff.

We would like to reassure you that the SNL Board is in continued contact and is monitoring the potential repercussions for our meeting. For now, we have decided to postpone the deadline for Symposium Submissions until April 23, 2020 and will likely also postpone the abstract deadline currently set for June 12, 2020. To ensure that SNL 2020 can take place, we will explore all possible options, including a virtual conference. Ultimately, we have to consider the public health issues of gathering 600+ international conference visitors and creative solutions are asked for.

For the time being, we appreciate your patience and understanding. We are working hard on a positive solution and still hope to see you in Philadelphia in October. Please stay tuned and read our updates on the SNL website.

Stay safe and healthy,

Sonja A. Kotz
Chair, Society for the Neurobiology of Language