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The Society for the Neurobiology of Language (SNL), founded in November of 2010, is an NIH-funded non-profit organization whose overarching goal is to foster progress in understanding the neurobiological basis for language via the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas. A major goal of the Society is to bring together scientists with different perspectives and methodological approaches to the study of language and related systems.

To this end, SNL holds an annual scientific meeting that highlights recent research and hosts lively debates on a wide range of topics including the neural mechanisms underlying perceptual, cognitive, motor, and linguistic processes used to produce and to understand language in both children and adults, and drawing on a range of methods from purely behavioral to neurophysiological and neuroanatomical measures, and from neuro-stimulation and neuropsychological approaches to animal models. Keynote lectures from leading scientists working outside the field, but in areas highly relevant to the neurobiology of language, augment the scientific program at the annual meeting and further promote cross-disciplinary interaction.

In addition, SNL distributes news and information throughout the year via a monthly newsletter and promotes career development via scholarship awards to outstanding junior scientists.


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