Student/Postdoc Representative to the
SNL Board of Directors

This position is open to all student and postdoc members of the Society. The Student/Postdoc Representative will be responsible for attending all SNL board meetings, as well as the SNL business meeting. As a full voting member of the SNL Board, the Student/Postdoc Representative will have input into all aspects of Society discussions. This is a two-year term commencing at the Board of Directors meeting at the SNL 2021 virtual meeting.

The position of Student/Postdoc Representative is particularly important, because the SNL Board is very interested in gaining the perspective of trainees in the field of the neurobiology of language. One of Society’s goals is to foster a robust membership and leadership base to assist in securing and advancing the profession into the future. To further this goal, the Student/Postdoc Representative will raise issues that are salient to students and postdocs, as well as participate in the development of active student programming, both academic and social.

At this time, we are seeking nominations for candidates. The Student/Postdoc Representative nominees will be included on the the 2022 election ballot. Nominees must be a graduate student or postdoc through 2023. Nominees must also be an SNL member. With their consent, nominees may remain on the nominee list for three years. Nominations are open now and will continue through June 11, 2021 end of day. Self-nominations are welcome.

Nominations should be sent to and include the following information:

  • Nominee’s name and email address
  • A short paragraph describing the qualifications of the nominee
  • Nominee’s current CV
  • Assurance that the nominee is willing to serve

We encourage you to make your voice heard in helping to grow and shape the Society by serving as a Student/Postdoc Representative!

Questions about the new position may be directed to