Symposium Submissions

The Society for the Neurobiology of Language is excited to announce that symposium submissions for the 2023 meeting in Marseille are now open. Symposium proposals should target topics that are likely to be of broad interest to SNL members and to influence the direction of science in our community. Compelling symposia include topics that highlight a current debate in the field, introduce new methods or techniques, or challenge the status quo.

Topics of particular interest include (but are not limited to) the implications of recent developments in NLP for language neuroscience; evolutionary perspectives on the neurobiology of language; and novel clinical applications of work in our field. We are interested in symposium proposals that involve substantive interaction/debate/discussion between presenters, though traditional series of thematically related talks are also welcome.


We encourage symposium organizers to consider diversity on many dimensions, including diversity of perspectives, disciplines, and demographics. To ensure non-overlapping speakers across symposia, individuals may not be included on more than one symposium submission.

Symposium Structure

Symposium sessions will last two hours and must involve between four and six presenters. Organizers have flexibility in the structure of the symposium. A symposium may involve a series of talks around the central theme (as in past years), a moderated panel discussion, or some combination of these. Respectful debate between presenters with different scientific viewpoints is strongly encouraged. Audience participation must be built into the symposium program, with at least 30 minutes of the 2-hour block devoted to Q&A (e.g., in the simplest case, 5 minutes Q&A after each of 6 talks).

All presentations must be delivered in person, and all speakers must commit to attend the meeting. Based on feedback from members, no talks may be pre-recorded or presented over Zoom, even in unforeseen circumstances. We recognize that inevitably some speakers will not be able to attend as planned. In those cases, the symposium will need to be revised in consultation between the symposium organizer and the Program Committee.

Submission Requirements

Symposium submissions must come from one organizer and must include an assurance that all contributors agree with the content and form of the submission and that all contributors plan to attend the conference in person. The organizer must be a current SNL member. Submissions must include the following information:

  • Symposium Title
  • Symposium Abstract (150 words) that describes the overarching theme of the symposium
  • A proposed schedule indicating the timing of the symposium, including time for introductions, talks, discussion, and Q&A
  • For each individual presentation (up to six):
  • Title and abstract (150 words) for each individual presentation
  • Name, title, affiliation, and email address of the presenter

Please contact Stephen M. Wilson (SNL 2023 Program Committee Chair) with any questions about topic or format.

All presenters in accepted symposia are required to register for the meeting.

Proposal Review

Symposia will be competitively reviewed by the Program Committee, and decisions will be returned to the organizers before the deadline for slide and poster submissions. Symposia talks that are not selected may be resubmitted as a slide or poster.

Submitting a symposium proposal or speaking in a symposium does not preclude you from submitting an abstract for a slide or poster presentation at SNL.

Submission Schedule

Submissions Open: March 22, 2023
Deadline to Submit: April 12, 2023
Notifications Sent: May 1, 2023

How to Submit

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