NoL Best Paper Award

Neurobiology of Language Best Paper Award 2022

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NOL Best Paper Award starts at 41:50.

The Editors-in-Chief selected the following Neurobiology of Language papers from those published in 2022 (Volume 3):

Best Paper Award

Kelly C. Martin, Georgetown University, receives the Best Paper Award 2022 for the paper:

Martin, K. C., Seydell-Greenwald, A., Berl, M. M., Gaillard, W. D., Turkeltaub, P. E., & Newport, E. L. (2022). A weak shadow of early life language processing persists in the right hemisphere of the mature brainNeurobiology of Language3(3), 364-385.

Kelly will give a short talk at the Awards Session on Wednesday, October 25 at 2:30 pm in the Auditorium.

Honorable Mention

Eleanor Huizeling, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, receives an Honorable Mention for the paper:

Huizeling, E., Arana, S., Hagoort, P., & Schoffelen, J. M. (2022). Lexical frequency and sentence context influence the brain’s response to single wordsNeurobiology of Language3(1), 149-179.

Both Kelly and Eleanor will be recognized at the SNL Awards session.

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