Abstract Submissions

Abstracts are submitted through your SNL account. You must be a member to submit an abstract. Members may submit more than one abstract. The first author must be a current 2022 member.

Abstract Format

Abstracts are limited to 500 words (not including the title, authors, and affiliations). The submission system does not allow figures in abstracts or the uploading of supplemental materials. Multiple submissions per first author are allowed. The abstract submission form allows you to specify whether you would prefer a slide or poster presentation, and whether you would like to be considered for a Poster Slam.

The standard elements of an abstract are Introduction, Methods, Results, and Conclusion or Summary. It is not required that the sections be explicitly labeled as such. It is, however, important that each abstract contains sufficiently detailed descriptions of the methods and the results.

Sandbox Series

Due to continued research interruptions caused by COVID-19, we will continue the sandbox series, an optional designation for poster  abstracts, which will allow presenters to solicit input regarding in-progress and/or planned work. We welcome submissions of both full/completed studies, as well as projects in earlier stages. These posters will describe the motivation and design of the study, present pilot data, and discuss how potential outcomes would be interpreted. Abstracts should highlight the preliminary nature of the findings. Abstracts in the Sandbox Series may not include all the standard elements as listed under “Abstract Format”.

Submitting Your Abstract

Please complete your submission carefully. All abstracts must be in final form. Authors may edit abstracts online until the submission deadline. After the submission deadline, no typos or other errors may be corrected.

The submission fee is $40.00. Submission fees are non-refundable.

Submissions Schedule

Submissions Open: April 1, 2022
Deadline to Submit: June 1, 2022
Notifications Sent: July 21, 2022

Submit an Abstract

To submit an abstract for consideration at SNL 2022, please Create an SNL Account, or Log In to your existing SNL Account. From your account home page, click ‘Submit an Abstract’.