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Dear Colleagues,

As you may know, in January 2019 we will be launching the Society’s new journal, “Neurobiology of Language”, published by the MIT Press. We are currently in the process of identifying members of our community who have an interest in playing a significant role in the journal and its editorial process through their commitment to (i) reviewing articles on a regular basis, (ii) declining rarely, (iii) submitting articles, and (iv) advertising the journal in invited talks and other contexts.

We plan several types of journal roles, and would like to hear from people willing to make this commitment. We are also interested in hearing nominations of colleagues who you suspect would like to serve in such a role.

If you are interested in such a role, please email the following information to within the next two weeks (i.e., by 18 November):

  • acknowledgement that you are willing to review at least one article per month (plus subsequent revisions)
  • acknowledgement that you are willing to submit at least one article to the journal in 2019 or 2020
  • information about your previous editorial experience
  • a very short description of your area of expertise (can be keywords)
  • references to no more than two of your favorite first or last authored publications
  • a list of keywords relating to the areas you are most comfortable reviewing (e.g., dyslexia, fMRI, language acquisition)
  • a list of keywords related to the areas you are least comfortable reviewing (e.g., MEG, aphasia, ECoG)

We expect reviewing editors and other members of the editorial board to have 3 year terms with the possibility of renewal.

Thanks for your attention.

Best wishes,
Steven Small and Kate Watkins
Neurobiology of Language