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Session A

Thursday, August 16, 10:05 – 10:15 am, Room 2000C


Session B

Thursday, August 16, 2:55 – 3:05 pm, Room 2000C


Session C

Friday, August 17, 10:20 – 10:30 am, Room 2000C


Session D

Friday, August 17, 4:35 – 4:45 pm, Room 2000C


Session E

Saturday, August 18, 2:50 – 3:00 pm, Room 2000C


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Poster Slam Session A

Hierarchical syntactic structures modulate brain activity during morphological processing

Oseki, Yohei

Inter-individual differences in predictive coding during language processing: the role of individual alpha frequency and idea density

Bornkessel-Schlesewsky, Ina

Brain activation for spoken and sign language in infancy: Impact of experience in unimodal and bimodal bilinguals

Mercure, Evelyne

Automatic speech analysis technology yields reproducible dysprosodic markers in Primary progressive aphasia

Nevler, Naomi

The impoverished comprehension of non-native speech in noise

Blanco-Elorrieta, Esti

Neurodevelopmental impact of early bilingual acquisition on children’s syntactic processing

Wagley, Neelima

How are visual words represented? Insights from EEG-based image reconstruction during reading

Ling, Shouyu

Self-monitoring in L1 and L2 speech production: an MEG study

Bakst, Sarah

Poster Slam Session B

fMRI evidence for binding theory during anaphora resolution in naturalistic listening

Li, Jixing

Spatial attention and perceptual-motor representations of demonstratives: a fast fMRI study using naturalistic auditory stimuli

Rocca, Roberta

Brains on books: Event-structure semantics predict cortical responses to naturalistic language

Hafri, Alon

Neural plasticity of speech and reading networks associated with language learning

Gurunandan, Kshipra

Measuring the N400 during naturalistic conversation: An EEG hyperscanning study

Douglas, Caitriona

Neural representation of phonemic categories in tonotopic auditory cortex

Levy, Deborah F.

Picture naming in American Sign Language: an ERP study of the effects of iconicity and alignment

McGarry, Meghan

Syllable sequencing into words: A computational model of speech production

Topalidou, Meropi

Poster Slam Session C

Reading efficiency is associated with fractional anisotropy, but not with myelin content, in the superior cerebellar peduncles.

Bruckert, Lisa

Neuromodulatory effects of individualized tDCS on MEG dynamics in chronic post-stroke aphasia

Shah-Basak, Priyanka

Syntactic and thematic mechanisms of subject-verb integration in aphasia and typical sentence comprehension

Mack, Jennifer

Using local neural heterogeneity to both predict and track in language recovery

Purcell, Jeremy

Worse than useless: traditional ERP baseline correction reduces power through self-contradiction

Alday, Phillip M.

The neurobiology of Braille reading beyond the VWFA

Kim, Judy Sein

Brain activity predicts future learning potential in intensive second language listening training

Kajiura, Mayumi

The Role of Primary Motor Cortex in Second Language Word Recognition

Barragan, Beatriz

Cortico-striatal tractography: Structural connectivity of the left inferior frontal gyrus along the rostrocaudal length of the putamen

Roberts, Simone Renée

Poster Slam Session D

Neural oscillations track changes in speech rate shown by MEG adaptation and perceptual after-effects

Davis, Matthew H

Impaired Incidental Phonetic Learning in People with Aphasia

Heffner, Christopher

Lexical tone classification in frontal and posterior regions using fNIRS

Zinszer, Benjamin

Electrophysiological Effects of Bilingualism and Aging on Working Memory

Morrison, Cassandra

Speech rate is associated with cerebellar white matter in persistent developmental stuttering

Jossinger, Sivan

Ageing does not affect excitability of articulatory motor cortex during speech perception

Nuttall, Helen E

Sensorimotor adaptation in speech is sensitive to vowel targets of altered feedback

Kothare, Hardik

Examining plasticity of the reading network: insights from deaf readers of Chinese

Liu, Junfei

Poster Slam Session E

Interaction of morphological and long-distance dependency processing: MEG evidence

Matar, Suhail

Aphasia therapy results in differential changes in functional connectivity depending on treatment response

Johnson, Jeffrey P.

Continuous theta burst stimulation over right pars triangularis facilitates naming abilities in chronic post-stroke aphasia by enhancing phonological access

Harvey, Denise Y.

Neural Correlates of Impaired Emotional Prosody Recognition in Acute Right Hemisphere Stroke

Sheppard, Shannon M.

Bilingualism delays age of symptom onset in the language variant but not the amnestic variant of Alzheimer’s dementia

de Leon, Jessica

Classification of fMRI Data in Aphasia Based on Task, Time Point, and Subject

Duncan, E. Susan

Human cortical encoding of a discrete temporal landmark for processing syllables in continuous speech

Oganian, Yulia

Structural connectivity across stimulation-defined critical language areas

Silverstein, Brian H.