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Poster Slam Speaker Instructions

If you’ve been selected to present your poster in the Poster Slam, please read the following instructions carefully.

The Poster Slam provides a unique opportunity to present your latest findings in a concise and entertaining fashion. Use this opportunity to share your research with the whole audience and highlight the importance of your work.

All Poster Slams will be presented in the main talk room prior to each poster session. During the Poster Slam you will be allowed ONE SLIDE and ONE MINUTE to advertise your poster and tell the audience why your work is important, provocative, and/or novel. Leave your audience wanting more and increase your poster traffic.

The Poster Slams are lively and fast paced. Your attentive and engaged participation is crucial for the session to run smoothly.

One Minute, Really?

Yes! You will have only 60 seconds to present, so you need to plan your Poster Slam presentation carefully. You will be allowed one slide to accompany your presentation and showcase your findings.

Choose your graphic and bullet points carefully (and sparingly). Please do not present a single slide of your entire poster. It will be too small and require too much time to present. Rather, present one slide that illustrates your method, a critical graph, or 4-5 bullet points that highlight your most important findings and/or a provocative implication of your work. Embedded videos and animated GIFs are not allowed in your slide. PowerPoint animations are permissible with two important restrictions: a. The animation is self-timed (you will not be able to control the slides); b. The animation is additive, but not hiding or replacing material on your slide. In other words, the animation may not be used as a tool to bypass the 1-slide constraint.

We will precede your slide with a “title slide” that displays your poster number, your poster title, your name, and your authors. You can save space on your slide by not repeating this information (although you are free to do so).

Prior to the Poster Slam, please practice your pitch and time yourself. Make sure you are within the 1-minute time limit. It is essential that we limit the presentations to one minute in order to accommodate all participants. Your Poster Slam should leave your audience wanting more.


Each Poster Slam session will have a chair who will control the timing of the presentations and advance the slides. Prior to the session, you will be instructed to line up near the stage in numerical order (based on your poster number). Once the session starts, the following process will repeat for each speaker.

  1. The moderator will display the “title slide” for your presentation and introduce you by name.
  2. When your name is called, please take the podium.
  3. Once you are in front of the microphone, the moderator will display your slide.
  4. Begin your presentation as soon as the slide appears. The slide will be on screen for 60 seconds.
  5. When your slide disappears, PLEASE STOP TALKING and walk off stage.
  6. The audience will clap ONCE, and the moderator will proceed to the next speaker.

Uploading Your Slide

Instructions for uploading your slide will be available at a later date. You must upload your slide no later than August 8 through the SNL website. If you miss this deadline you will forfeit your Poster Slam presentation. We cannot accommodate slide submissions or changes at the meeting; you must present the slide you uploaded prior to the deadline.

You can upload your slide as many times as you like up to the deadline. Uploading a new slide will overwrite the previous slide.

Slide Requirements

  • The uploaded file must be a PowerPoint (.pptx) file containing a single slide.
  • The slide must be 4×3 aspect ratio (not widescreen, 16×9).
  • No embedded video or audio.
  • PowerPoint animations are permissible as long as the animation is self-timed and additive (not replacing material).

Poster Slam Sessions and Information Sessions

You must arrive at the main lecture hall (room 2000C) for a short Briefing Session at the designated time for your Slam Session (see Table below). At the Briefing Session, SNL staff will meet you near the stage and explain the logistics of Slam sessions, including where to line up, use of the microphone, timing and so on. This is critical for the success of this fast paced micro-session. Slam presenters will line up according to their presentation order at Line-up time (see Table below).

Session Date Briefing Session (mandatory) Line-up Time Slam Session Begins
A Thursday, August 16 8:30 am 9:55 am 10:00 am
B Thursday, August 16 1:15 pm 2:45 pm 2:50 pm
C Friday, August 17 8:15 am 10:10 am 10:15 am
D Friday, August 17 3:15 pm 4:25 pm 4:30 pm
E Saturday, August 18 1:15 pm 2:40 pm 2:45 pm

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